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Escalating violence in Sudan puts millions of children at risk


25 April 2023 – The intense hostilities in Sudan, has already taken a devastating toll on the people. UNICEF remains gravely concerned about the devastating impact that the constant bombardment and fighting has on children and families in Sudan, especially the most vulnerable as they bear the heaviest brunt of these hostilities. As of 17 April, at least 9 children have reportedly been killed in the fighting, and more than 50 children have reportedly been injured as hostilities continue.


Children are sheltering in schools and care centres while fighting rages around them. Children’s hospitals are forced to evacuate as shelling moves closer, and hospitals, health centres and other critical infrastructure damaged or destroyed, limiting access to essential and lifesaving care and medicine. Thousands of civilians, including women and children are fleeing Khartoum and other cities, some in cars and others on foot, due to fears for the escalation of bombing and violence. UNICEF, in coordination with partners, advocates for safe passage to get them to safer locations.


The fighting has disrupted critical, life-saving care for an estimated 50,000 severely acutely malnourished children. These vulnerable children need ongoing, round-the-clock care, which is being put at risk by the escalating violence. It also puts at risk the cold chain in Sudan, including over $40 million worth of vaccines and insulin, due to the breaks in the power supply and the inability to restock generators with fuel.



Even before the escalation in violence, humanitarian needs in Sudan were higher than ever before. The UNICEF Sudan Humanitarian Action for Children appeal for 2023 is $585 million, aiming to reach 7 million children. The conflict will lead to an already critical situation for children becoming far worse.


UNICEF appeals to immediately cease hostilities and calls on all parties to respect their international obligations to protect children from harm, and to ensure that humanitarian actors can safely and quickly reach children in need. We also call on all parties to refrain from attacking civilian infrastructure on which children depend - such as water and sanitation systems, health facilities and schools. Here in Hong Kong, we appeal to the public to support UNICEF’s efforts to save children and families impacted by the hostilities in Sudan.



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Children and families flee their neighbourhoods amid fighting in Khartoum, Sudan.