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Make a difference for children in China by sending your first monthly gift

UNICEF's work in China has influenced key policies relating to maternal and child health. Over the last few decades, the Government of China has made 
tremendous efforts to increase the implementation of various maternal and child health care services. China's under-five mortality rate has dropped from 61 per thousand live births in 1991 to 8.4 per thousand in 2018.

However, these benefits have not been spread evenly across the country, especially for the rural poor and migrant populations. Disparities in access to health 
care services result in perils such as high maternal and neonatal mortality rate, stunting and transmission of contagious diseases. Poverty is violating children's basic right to survival.



  • Every year, 190,000 children under-five, especially those in the first few months of life, die from preventable diseases. Many of these children are born in areas with inadequate healthcare and services.
  • In 2018, under-five mortality rate in rural areas was 2 times that of urban areas.
  • China ranks third in the world in the number of children facing developmental delays, with 15 million children at risk.
  • Many children are also at risk of poor nutrition, with four out of every five missing out on the full benefits of exclusive breastfeeding.
  • More than 17 million children, particularly those left behind as their parents migrate for work, are at risk of unhealthy development, and poor sanitation, nutrition, nurturing care and stimulation.



UNICEF's work in China spans 40 years. We believe the demonstration of effective practices in child development will lead to the government's commitment in expanding access to quality health care services across the country.

Launched in 1999, 'China Children's Health Fund' monthly donation programme has been raising funds to improve the health condition of children and pregnant mothers from deprived families in the following two aspects:

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Child Health Care Project 

  • To provide nutritional food for children
  • To implement free immunization and vitamin programmes for children
  • To train health workers and empower them to provide quality healthcare, nutrition, and WASH services to mothers and their baby
  • To monitor the health situation of children, and provide health care information to caregivers





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Safe Motherhood Project 

  • To improve hospita/ clinic facilities and promote hospital delivery in rural areas
  • To provide infants and mothers with basic health care services and regular check-ups
  • To introduce folic acid and iron supplements for pregnant women
  • To provide professional training and guidance to health care workers
  • To provide HIV-testing service to pregnant women





These interventions have undoubtedly led to vast improvements in child health conditions. But there is much more to do to reduce disparities and improve health coverage for poor families in remote rural areas. Every neonatal death represents a life that could have been saved. And we urgently need your help.


By becoming a regular donor of the 'China Children's Health Fund' programme, you help UNICEF save lives and improve the health conditions of children in rural China. Your donation will be channeled towards providing medicine, vaccines and training for health workers to care for the children and pregnant women in need. With a focus on leaving no one behind, UNICEF aims to end preventable deaths of children under five by 2030. Your generosity can make it happen.

Your monthly donation provides a steady and cost-effective source of income to UNICEF, and because it is processed automatically, you help us 
simplify administrative procedures — allowing us to allocate the funds more efficiently to save more children.



HK$250 — could subsidize 2 children to receive basic vaccination under 1 year old
HK$650 — could subsidize 1 mother to receive 5 basic prenatal examinations and safe hospital delivery service
HK$1,500 — could subsidize 2 mothers to receive hospital delivery services, postnatal examinations and breastfeeding support, and health examinations for her baby under 1 year old
HK$2,200 — could subsidize 2 mothers to receive basic prenatal and postnatal care services, and safe hospital delivery services, as well as basic vaccinations and birth certificates for her baby under 1 year old