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Our Fundraising Ambassadors wear visibly branded clothing and ID badges issued by UNICEF.  UNICEF only uses employed and paid Fundraising Ambassadors.  Being a street recruiter/facer is a very demanding job, both physically and mentally. They need to work 30 hours per week and are necessary to be successful, therefore our Fundraising Ambassadors need to be young, eager, bold and engaging.



They are subsidized, which helps to ensure the quality of their work. A UNICEF staff is dedicated to oversee training and monitor their operation closely.



They work in team on the street five days a week, no matter in rain or shine. They engage and recruit new donors to sign up as “Friends of UNICEF” monthly donors in different public venues. All Fundraising Ambassadors have to follow the code of conduct which guides them to behave in the right track and ensure they represent UNICEF in the best possible ways. You can always visit our website to check the working location of the fundraising team.