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The most powerful way to communicate with a donor or potential donor is in-person contact. Face-to-Face (F2F) fundraising campaign demonstrates the power via the cost-effective results and direct communications. The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF Face-to-Face fundraising campaign which recruits ‘Friends of UNICEF’ monthly donors was launched in September 2009. In order to maintain professionalism and devise guidelines for such practices as well as to enhance the public’s understanding on their right to know before engaging into monthly giving, the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF joins hands with 17 other charitable organizations to organize‘Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance’ (hereafter named ‘the Alliance’) and launch a ‘Code of Practice on Face-to-Face Monthly Donors’ Recruitment’ (hereafter named ‘the Code’) on 8 February 2012. The Alliance is a charity-led self-regulatory membership body that establishes, maintains and improves professional standards of F2F monthly donors’ recruitment; requires members’ compliance to the Code; enables practice sharing on F2F monthly donors’ recruitment among charitable organizations. Last but not least, it promotes accountable face-to-face fundraising practices with an aim to increases public’s awareness on their right to know.


The Code covers eight areas, namely the definitions of F2F monthly donor recruitment, the basic beliefs of the member charitable organizations towards monthly donor recruitment, the requirements of charitable organizations that practice monthly donor recruitment, information disclosure, the professional requirements, training and supervision, identification and remunerative package of donor recruiters.


If you want to know more information about ‘Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance’, please click Link.


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18 Hong Kong charities established the ‘Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance’ and jointly launched the first ever ‘Code of Practice on Face-to-Face Monthly Donors’ Recruitment’ to promote transparency and professional practices, as well as to ensure the rights of donors.